My name is Ola Podgorska.

I’m a graphic designer and user experience consultant, with a passion for photography and social media. I'm inspired to create better experiences, because of my appreciation and interest in people from all walks of life - their goals, needs and aspirations. I see problems as opportunities for creative solutions.

User Experience

I support the integration of UX design and content to create online experiences that are consistent and user-friendly. My combined skills in Integrative Art Psychotherapy, digital project management and graphic design inform my process.

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Graphic design

I'm passionate about typography and conceptual graphic design. I have experience working in the film industry (and enjoy the fast-paced, high-pressure environment). I'm also passionate about music and the arts, but I work with a wide variety of clients and briefs.

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Additional skills

Without a fresh supply of engaging content, a social media/marketing plan, and considered, topical and timely visual assets (photography/illustration) a project is in danger of losing momentum, post-launch. I can provide a variety of additional skills, to help create your vision - according to your scope and budget.

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Ola is super smart, disciplined and time-efficient. Her input on our project creating the sitemap, wireframes and writing the functional spec. was invaluable. Her strategic, detailed and pro-active approach ensured aligned action and helped us avoid scope creep further down the line. She carries her years of insights and gifts lightly and is incredibly generous and inclusive in her approach, taking joy in collaboration.

Gosia YoungGOSH! Wine Marketing

I worked with Ola on a complex website build which involved merging five separate websites into a new brand experience. Other than top-notch user research, the most exciting thing she brought to the project was working with the design and tech teams in facilitating sketching sessions to easily and iteratively develop the user experience. She championed this way of working, and the result in a better online experience – in the form of a new .com and a Company Group site. A pleasure to work with her and very creative both in and outside of work.

David WittRadley Yeldar, Senior Project Manager

Once again I want to say thank you to you and the team for a great proposal for the website pages. I just spoke to another member of my team, and he is as excited as I am. We are both happy to agree the creative brief going forward so that you can develop the SOW for the next phase.

Aoife PauleyGlaxo Smith Kline - Director of Corporate Communications, Consumer Healthcare

Ola is one of the most driven, positive and productive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It was a busy time for all of the team due to rapid expansion and the opening of a new office, shop and HQ, and Ola's contribution exceeded all of our expectations. I would go as far as to say that much of the progress we made within this 3 month period would not have been possible without her input. She consistently went over and above what was required of her and showed genuine passion & care for the not just the projects she was involved in, but also the team and wider organisation. She not only project managed the research, design, build and testing of the new site almost single handedly to an impressive time scale (3 months), but also made significant contributions in many other areas of the organisation including but not limited to graphic design (print and social media), planning and organisation, problem solving and people management.

Joe FallonDirector, TruTravels

We are not only very impressed by the quality of the final project, but we also think that your team had epitomized how collaborative learning can be extremely effective when done right.

Gloria ChuaNovoEd/IDEO, Product Designer and Course Administrator

Ola's pursuit of the perfect user experience is relentless. Her ability to not only conduct solid research but carry out extremely creative UX design makes her a great prospect for anyone looking to drive solution in the right direction.

Ben ApplebySenior UX Designer, Apple
Aleksandra Helena Podgorska

Ola... like hello, in Spanish!

I started out working as a Graphic Designer in Port Elizabeth (South Africa). I worked at two small below-the-line agencies, eventually leading a team of five. I decided to move to the UK in 2008 to study Integrative Art Psychotherapy at IATE. While studying I worked full-time (as an Assistant Project Manager, gradually transitioning to Digital Project Manager). After completing my two-year diploma, I chose to specialise in UX, Content and Graphics, instead of pursuing a career in Psychotherapy. Since becoming a freelancer, I have been working in the film industry as a graphic designer. I still work on digital and other freelance design projects when the opportunity arises.

I embrace visual arts and social media, and work on creative projects which allow me to explore film, fashion and music – driven by gut-feel and passion. I’ve most recently worked as lead Graphic Designer on a Channel 4 feature called Adult Material, coming out in 2020.

My favourite part of UX and graphic design lies in research, as I find work which is grounded in research is usually most effective and successful.

You can get in touch on +44 (0)79 82996398, email me or alternatively, message me on one of the platforms below…