An example of EMIS wireframes which were used to show the client the process of design

EMIS Health are a FTSE250 specialising in clinical systems used by healthcare organisations across the UK. Crossing boundaries from B2B into e-commerce, their products are sold across the various sectors and types of organisations within private and public healthcare, including GP surgeries, pharmacies, community care units, hospitals and specialist services. Using these systems, healthcare providers can access the same information about their patients – no matter where they are treated – making integrated care a reality.

The challenge

As Egton Medical Information Systems was repositioning to EMIS Group PLC, their brand presence had to be reflected online, and so a complete online update was to be carried out, to coincide with the new brand launch.

The existing site structure did not provide a seamless user experience. Products which EMIS have developed in conjunction with partner companies sat within a different area of the site to their flagship ‘EMIS owned’ products. EMIS are a listed company – with diverse audience groups (such as investors, job seekers, employees and customers) with different information requirements.

The process

We worked with EMIS to create a strategic solution that would best balance user and business objectives: namely to architect, design and build two separate websites – one for EMIS Health (the product site) and one for EMIS Corporate (the PLC website). This involved merging five separate websites into a new experience. The go-live also needed to coincide with the new brand launch.

We approached the project in four stages

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Define
  • Implement


Based on the findings from the workshop, a two-site approach was suggested to cater to the two sides of the business:

This was partly due to the differentiation in content, as the four audience groups were seeking information which did not need to be grouped together on one site: customers need product information and support, while Investors were more likely to look at Annual financial data, Company information and thought leadership.

The information gathered from the Discovery phase was used to form the basic structure of the content hierarchies for the websites in the “Explore” and “Define” phases.

During the Implementation phase of the project, we carried out internal and external QA testing as well as carried on having daily stand-up sessions with the team to tweak and finesse the site. During this stage, we used the basis of the EMIS Health site to create the EMIS Group plc site – so essentially, we created two sites by adapting the templates slightly to accommodate slightly different user-needs.


The go-live was the 24th of June for EMIS Health, to coincide with the re-brand launch. EMIS Group plc went live two weeks later.