The Third Day

Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson and Paddy Considine star in The Third Day, a unique story told in three separate but interconnected parts: Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The Third Day is a psychological/thriller folk-horror drama television series, which I worked on for three weeks during 2020.

Below is a selection of some of the work I created during this period, working in collaboration with two illustrators Alessia Franchi & Alex Odisey.

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Photo credit: Ola Podgorska (taken on location, at Osea Island)


The Third Day



What I Did

Graphic Designer – Stand in for Toby Stevens (3 episodes, dailies)

Stained Glass Window

A window featured inside the Oyster Bar

I was asked to create a stained glass window for the Oyster Bar, and included ‘folk/biblical’ symbolism used throughout the scripts in the series – the Oyster, a bowl of salt and fish along with the ‘Osea’ cross.

The colour palette referenced William Morris along with the cool ‘marine’ colour palette of the isle.

Once the colour palette was decided, the artwork was approved, and printed onto acrylic sheeting.

As the glass had to look real from either side, I doubled the printing of the panels (one the right way around, and one in reverse) so that we could have a repeat (a ‘front’ and ‘back’ ), and we had to make sure leading and paint was applied to both sides – but that the acrylic could hold the weight of the leading, and for the panels to be easy to fit, for the team on-set.

A finished panel showing the acrylic

The initial sketch to determine the flow of the design which was then detailed using Adobe Illustrator.

The finished panels were then fitted on-set, before filming.

Bedroom & Bathroom Panels

Folk-inspired, illustrated panel designs 

I worked on the designs of multiple options of colour-ways, and different layout versions. These panels were to be painted by hand, by the Scenics, on-set. The finals are displayed below – the bedroom pelmets featured a star & bird motif, while the bedroom-en suite featured peonies and folk-inspired star-shaped flowers, to match the bathtub panel.

Maps, plans and photographs

Additional graphics & bumf I designed for the series