• Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Typesetting & layout (Eng/Serbian)
Queer Beograd Collective
Jet Moon


What is it?
Queer Beograd Collective was a Queer Anti-Fascist collective active in Belgrade Serbia from 2004 to approximately 2011. The goal of the collective was to provide not only a safe meeting place but a means of educating it’s participants towards a broader understanding of the political context in Serbia.

The design
I was inspired by constructivism, and the illustrative work of Max Ernst. To minimise print costs, the book was designed in one colour (158 pgs). I devised a grid, which kept the scripts static and consistent across both English and Serbian sections of the book Рwhile enabling me to experiment and push the visuals and typography.

The challenge
Most of the images available from the performances were low-resolution and I used a transfer technique to get a visual style that would work effectively in black and white and across two languages (which I also typeset). Illustrations and book design were based on archive photography and film stills taken at the time (the performances took place between 2001-2004).