Concept 1: Supernova


I developed two routes for the logo & single artwork.

In the first concept, taking into account that Noeva hails from Hertfordshire, I wanted to contrast imagery of local (eg: fields of countryside) with the universal (eg: using illustrations of brutalist/modern sculptural shapes over the imagery). I overlaid supernova imagery on her portrait – to link back to the artist’s name.

In the second approach, I was looking for a much more typographical approach. From a small competitor audit online, I noted that elegant portrait photography was often used to drive the brands of artists such as Billie Holiday, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Janelle Monae, Kelis, Rhianna and Beyonce. I also wanted to allude to the classic 50/60’s ‘pinup’ silhouette.

Concept Route 1

  • Using the concept of a supernova (name/stars/brand new/unique – symbolism/metaphors)
  • Hertfordshire countryside (contrast between Space and Landscape. Local vs Universal etc)
  • Use of silhouette to accentuate Novea’s image (feminine, figure-hugging dresses etc.)
  • Relies on use of high-resolution imagery and stock photography

Concept Route 2

  • Classic photography contrasting with contemporary typography (classic meets modern/edgy)
  • Typographical solution to guide pronunciation of name (Novea)
  • Four letter logo is iconic (better balance then 5 letters)
  • Use of overlays to give a distinctly feminine, elegant feel
  • Competitor audit results/target market: glamour shots most popular
  • Two logo option routes given – depending on how much emphasis required on icon vs. logo

Concept 2:

Icon works across
both options