The House of Stories is an online collection of stories. The website and YouTube channel feature video footage of storytellers from all over the world telling folk tales, myths and legends. Some are traditional, others are modern and some combine both. It showcases engaging and well-told stories, just as they were originally meant to be appreciated, as visual and auditory performances as opposed to just words on a page. The site has two basic purposes: to preserve stories from extinction and to act as a forum to encourage the next generation of storytellers.

Richard Hamilton has worked for the BBC World Service as a broadcast journalist since 1998, including being a correspondent in Morocco, South Africa and Madagascar. He also reports for BBC TV, radio and online. Richard’s first book, The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco, was published in 2011, and his most recent book Tangier: From the Romans to the Rolling Stones was published in July 2018.

Richard approached me after I attended one of his writing workshops in Morocco, to help design a new Brand ID for the House of Stories. The logo below is the result. The new website project (for which the logo will be used) can be found at

I was involved at the initial stages to give some direction on the basic site structure, typography, colour and photography use, but the site was built and developed by Richard and the team at Woww.