Giri/Haji – Duty/Shame

Filmed between 2018-2019, I was assisting Erica Dorn and Matt Clark on Graphics across the eight episodes.

Some of the filming took place in Tokyo, and the graphics for this part were handled by the team in Japan, led by Tomoya Imai-San.

Production Design: Morgan Kennedy
Set Decoration: Laura Marsh & Kate Gunyan

The series was initially released on BBC, and then later to Netflix. All artwork & photography property of Sister Pictures.


Giri/Haji – Duty/Shame


BBC / Sister Pictures / Netflix

What We Did

Graphic design and production of digital screens, locations and set graphics across all 8 episodes.

The process

In each of the 8 scripts, there were approx 100+ scenes. In some a little less, but each of these scenes will require graphics of different types. We read the scripts, create a script breakdown, and design and make artwork for any items which are needed per scene, for each Episode. In addition to this, Set Dec will often throw additional graphics into the mix (eg: framed prints), and we also need to take these onboard.

Quality & Quantity

We usually have a few weeks of ‘preparation’ time before shooting starts to get ahead of the shooting schedule. It stands to reason that the more organised a Team is, and the more time the Art Dept. have to create graphics, the better the end result.

Often scripts will change last minute, so we need to be able to design, print and deliver graphics to set, swiftly. And sometimes repeat the designs so that if something gets damaged, it can be replaced by the Standbys.

We work closely with the Clearance team to get the new designs we create cleared with the legal team, so that they’re allowed on set (shout out to Hannah Bone, Anna Wilton and Tonia Cohen at Capello Media, without whom this would be a much more difficult process). For any digital graphics, these need to be ‘developed’ into working prototypes, which then get used on devices, on set. We often work with a third party partner who can focus on these due to the volume of work, in this case, we worked closely with Chris, at Revolver AV.

Below is a small selection of the clearance sheets I submitted for the series (last I counted there were approx 208 clearance forms I submitted alone -and Matt and Erica probably had similar amounts). Often there’s multiple designs per form.

We design anything and everything from print to digital, including set dressing photos, posters, labels, badges, cover-up artwork (like for the safe), product packaging, app designs, websites, slides…you name it, the Art Department can make it. Below is a limited selection from each episode in the Series.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8