Adult Material

This four-part drama delves inside the adult entertainment industry in modern Britain from the perspective of a woman who has been working in it her entire adult life. The show asks vital and serious questions about sex in the age of the internet, the blurring of fantasy and reality, and economic choices for women.

Nominated for five Baftas, this show has been one of the highlights of my career, to date.

I worked as Lead Graphic Designer on the show, with the support of Hannah Davis (Art Dept. Assistant), and additional assistance from Weykman R. Gomes, Libby Richardson and Louis Benoni during their internships.


Produced for Channel 4:
Lucy Kirkwood, Dawn Shadforth, Sara Hamill, Patrick Spence (Fifty Fathoms)

  • Production Design: Grenville Horner
  • Supervising Art Director: Fleur Whitlock
  • Standby Art Director: Bex Sutton
  • Set Design: Clare Andrade
  • Set Dressing & Buying: Katie Clarke
How many graphics did we produce?

This show was graphics heavy, and digital graphics in particular played a part in supporting the dialogue in visualising the interactions of different characters throughout the series (interactive storytelling).

To give you an idea of the volume of graphics created for the four episodes, I’ve made a video of the spreadsheet I used to keep track of each and every print and digital (screen) graphic we designed and created in the Art Department.

This is how I kept track of what was complete and what still needed to be done as specified in the Scripts, as once shooting started, there were additional requests which would come in (which were not on this spreadsheet), so I could manage my time more effectively.

The graphics…

Coming soon!