Brendon Talbot approached me in 2015. His new musical venture KRFW needed a brand identity which would be quickly recognisable. The logo needed to work across multimedia and merchandising, and needed to be simple and bold while being raw and dynamic, to reflect the spirit of KRFW.

KRFW are a house/electronic music DJ duo based in Toronto, Canada. They perform in wolf-inspired masks, which combined with their non-stop energy, deliver an unforgettable live performance. To emphasise the fact that they’re a duo, I used bold typography and combined the letters into two sets (KR and FW) by reflecting the ‘r’.

This also helps to convey the attitude of rebellion which brand carries through in it’s strapline “The only curfew you want”. Basic brand guidelines were created, to guide the client on how the logo should be used if placed over imagery (with the inverted black block grounding the logo on imagery, so that it doesn’t lose impact).

The KRFW logo on a white background