I first met Andrea Walker through a mutual friend, Kira, who was working on a graphic novel. We held a dance audition for someone who could pose for a series of movement photographs. I took the photographs, which would serve as reference for Kira’s illustrations. Andrea turned out to be our model.

Right from that moment we both knew Andrea would go on to greater things. A few years later, after attending studies at The Broadway Dance Center in New York City, Andrea decided to form 201 Dance Company.

I wanted to work with Andrea again, and designed the logo for him as a thank you for the work he did with us. The concept for the logo and the name came from his room number in the hotel he was staying at in New York: Room 201.

I wanted to convey a sense of movement in the logo – so I focused on aspects of the stage/lights and kinetic shapes which can convey the idea of movement in a solid form. Andrea also had a very clear idea about the logo being structured and contemporary. He wanted a bold statement – so I selected a very minimal, sans-serif font.

You can find out more about 201 Dance Company here.

Below are some of the initial concepts, along with a User Guidelines document – and the final logo.

Logo Guidelines PDF